Stamps: Maria Hummel



from The Curtain

By Maria Hummel

The color of the hospital curtain changes with the light. If our neighbor by the window keeps the shade up, the cloth is a sea-green riddled with purple. If the neighbor likes it dim, purple conquers green; the hue becomes the dull mottle of a bruise just before it heals. If we have no neighbor, we push the curtain back until we can see the view of the roof. I dance with our sick baby across the space and my husband kicks off his shoes. Soon a nurse comes and tugs the curtain back into place. Incoming patient. The curtain hangs from chains. Jostle them the tiniest bit and they make the sound of ice falling on a frozen lake.


Maria Hummel likes bread and butter.



Maria Hummel provides a link to her “favorite ruin,” Ft. Montgomery, a.k.a. “Fort Blunder.” This excerpt from “The Curtain” is part of the Stamps project at The Owls site. Click here to learn more >>


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