Stamps: Justin St. Germain



Parker, AZ, June 9th, 2009

By Justin St. Germain

I cross the state line just after sundown, with the sky still rosy in my rearview.  I’m ten hours out of San Francisco, the last six of those spent hurtling through dogshit parts of California: Bakersfield, Boron, Barstow, Needles.  The lights of RV parks waver off the waters of the Colorado as I coast across the bridge.  My car’s engine clicks away its heat.  I’ve been doing ninety down two-lane highways full of dips and unbanked curves.  I’ve got one bald tire, my brakes are shot, and I’m almost out of gas.  It’s Tuesday.  A sign of a striped sunset welcomes me to Arizona.


Justin St. Germain grew up in Tombstone, Arizona, and is currently a Wallace Stegner Fellow at Stanford.



“Parker, AZ,” is an excerpt from a memoir-in-progress, and part of the Stamps projects at The Owls site. Click here to learn more >>


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