Project: Days of Awe



Dear Owls,

I have questions. I walk through my city and I read my poems and I go visit a town where there are churches all over. I am wondering about faith and tone and how one finds God in a new way. And how one thinks about metaphor and feels the joyful noise I’ve heard so much about. When I go running I see people talking in houses and walking to shul and baking bread and carrying their kids. I read my portion everyday and am amazed how it seems to have been written in the weather of this city. I talk to Alicia Jo Rabins about this and other things. I’ve asked if she’ll tweet and hoot with me through these days leading to Yom Kippur. If we can make a kind of music as we think of how the awe builds or doesn’t build.



P. S. Listen to @ohaliciajo & @girlsintrouble to hear what I’m hearing alongside this.


N.B.: Gabbat’s Twitter-based project leading up to Yom Kippur features exchanges between G. (G. Calvocoressi) and A. (Alicia Jo Rabins). The feed can be found on the sidebar of the main page of The Owls site during the project, and also at Gabbat’s Twitter home.

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