Stamps: Niall Griffiths




By Niall Griffiths

I live at the foot of the Pendam mountain in mid-Wales. On top of that mountain – so it’s my back garden, really – is a place of lakes and forests and megaliths and mist and big birds of prey that soar like thrown crucifixes through the low clouds. It’s the place of the Gwrach y Ribyn, or Hag of the Drool, who waits at cross-roads at midnight for already-terrified travelers.  For several millennia men have fought and fucked and loved and lived and died up there. It thrills me and fills me with hope that, in the 21st century, such a place still exists. At night, when I’m falling asleep by an open window, the smells of  pine and cold water enter my head; glacier-water, aeons-old, deep and dark. Very few people live up there. It’s a place of many massacres. It’s one of my favourite places on earth.


Niall Griffiths’ most recent novel is Runt.



“Pendam” is part of the Stamps project. Click here to learn more >>


One comment

  1. “thrown crucifixes”–that’s a good one. If this isn’t really your back yard, I don’t even want to know. It’s so beautiful someone had to invent it, at least.

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