Stamps: William Lychack



Less than a Dime

By William Lychack

Yangon, summer, and the eastern staircase of the Shwedagon Pagoda spills into shops and stalls. All the bric-a-brac of Buddhism. The bells, the beads, the monks’ robes and bowls, strings of jasmine flowers, little bamboo cages ripe with birds. For a few kyat, less than a dime, you can release one, these nervous little sparrows into the sky in kind of prayer, some essence of their freedom flying to whatever your hope might be. The Burmese still believe in such cause and effect. Do the good deed and get the good response. From the seed the fruit must follow.


William Lychack’s superhero power of choice is teleportation.



“Less than a Dime” is an excerpt from Lychack’s essay “Captives of the Junta,” originally published in The American Scholar. The excerpt is part of the Stamps project. Click here to learn more >>


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