Stamps: David Ker Thomson


New Mud

By David Ker Thomson

My wife says I travel like a suitcase. As I apply a nail file to my left big toe, it occurs to me that I’m releasing Guatemalan mud into the Toronto sewer system. In the long run it’s all just plain old stardust, I suppose, but that particular configuration, of Mayan microbes wrangling with some local Toronto toughs through sunless caverns down to our inland sea of precious fossil water, well, that was enough to give me pause.


David Ker Thomson writes for CounterPunch.


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  1. What about the cells you left behind in Guatemala, as much your Mayan ground as the inland sea is your, ‘our’ water? Your writing (like your golden naildust) infiltrates your surroundings as you let them work you. It’s an exchange, something that keeps you alive.

  2. Before someone else makes this remark I’ll say it: the opposite is also true of course. Neither the Guatemalan mud nor Lake Ontario are yours, really. But you do feel responsible for a contamination of the latter and a deprivation of the former. That’s quite a burden, which can give you serious and very justifiable considerations against travel. Yet then I see in front of me this subsurface fight of alien against local bacteria (because your words make me see them). They’re pushing heavily into each other. They are almost enjoying it. Are they really strangers?

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