Stamps Project Archive


The Owls site asked some writers: What place do you write about or think about, and why? Is there a location – in space or time, real or imaginary, past, present, or future – that draws you back again and again? What happened there?

30 Responses were posted, once per week on Sundays, from June, 2009, to December, 2009. Many, many thanks to the writers involved. The project will be left open for any further contributions. -JMT.

Jill McDonough:  “Accident, Mass. Ave.”

Amy Groshek: “Fort Healthcare”

Morgan Meis: “Fragments on Paterson”

Jim Gavin: “Gogarty”

Elizabeth Bradfield: “Multi-Use Area”

Sean Hill: “Jail Yard”

Kirsten Andersen: “Rhode Island”

Frederick Schroeder: “Untitled, 2009″

Alan Koenig: “A Deuce and a Half”

Maria Hummel: “The Curtain”

Justin St. Germain: “Parker, AZ”

Stacey Swann: “Olympus, TX”

Dan O’Brien: “From Larchmont”

Peter Kline: “Rainbow Beach”

Joshua Rivkin: “Nocturne, Phnom Penh”

Elatia Harris: “Ensor in Ostend”

Jonathan Railey: “Terra Firma”

Cari Luna: “Adverse Possession”

Niall Griffiths: “Pendam”

William Lychack: “Less than a Dime”

L. S. McKee: “Pow’r”

Stacie Cassarino: “Postcard from Vancouver”

Timothy Don: “Found Installations”

Scott Hutchins: “$30,000″

Emily Mitchell: “Secret Nuclear Bunker”

Gabrielle Calvocoressi: “Village of Ghosts”

Andrew Altschul: “Lady Lazarus”

Nellie Bridge: “They Eat the Dead Ones

David Ker Thomson: “New Mud”

Skip Horack: “The Gulf Sturgeon Project”


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