Journeys: The Bridge by Stephanie Soileau


The Bridge

By Stephanie Soileau

I wish I could say I found these underfoot, or in a gutter, or in my grandfather’s attic, but no.  They were artificially antiqued courtesy of the iPhone.  And the sky was not so ominous, and the bridge was not so luminous, and the day was not nearly as remarkable or eerie or magical as the photos might have me remember it.  It was damp, it was cold.  The noise of traffic on the bridge was so loud and oppressive that it drove us back with blinding headaches before we made it across.  I think a pigeon may have shat on my friend Lynne’s shoulder.  Or maybe that was a different day in San Francisco, and a different friend.


Stephanie Soileau lives and writes in San Francisco.


Journeys is a project at The Owls site combining images and writing about places. See more >>



  1. Greetings Stephanie!
    How I came across this page is a story in itself but a better one lies in the fact that I stumbled upon these iphone masterpieces with your name tied to them. I can only imagine there is one Stephanie Soileau that lives in San Francisco. I am not sure if you remember me well but I was a student of yours a few years ago. I hope your writing endeavors are well as well as yourself.

  2. […] The Bridge […]

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