N.B.: New Novels in Three Lines


Writers are using new technologies to write stories. One might think of them as new versions of Felix Feneon’s Novels in Three Lines, which often dealt with unsavory aspects of real life. A small sampler from Twitter feeds below, reposted here with gratitude to the writers.

New Novels in Three Lines (or Fewer)

Sunshine, smartest kid in pre-K, screamed, “FUCKYOUBITCH!” Lead teacher told me: “Lock her in the closet when she gets like that.”

–Stephanie Soileau


They tore down my friend’s grandma’s house and built a new credit union. Otherwise Tombstone’s pretty much the same.

–Justin St. Germain


Snowing in New Orleans for the fourth time in twenty years.

–Pia Z. Ehrhardt


When someone 15 years my junior flirts with me I feel like throwing up and wonder if part of their fantasy is me puking on their shoes.

–Gabrielle Calvocoressi


The sound of a toddler violently puking at the departure gate is ominous indeed.

–Alicia Jo Rabins


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