Micrograffiti: The Ensorcellment by Rob Ehle


The Ensorcellment by Rob Ehle

One high school Christmas night Emmers rode with two pals to the City to wassail it up. Their combined age was 44. They rode the train with an elf. What a night—Juan, Larry, and a magical being. Emmers had seen the big tree when he was little. Gosh. One evening, perhaps, to leave jaded adulthood behind. Juan had brought along the family Jaegermeister. The elf was very blonde, just like an elf, and Larry said it was a Nazi child, but secretly Emmers was entranced. Those tights alone. But the holiday’s shapeless ebb had already begun. Larry thumbed his Christmas gizmo with disturbing focus. Emmers and Juan passed the Jaegermeister back and forth like Lapps on a vision quest. At 4th and King they stepped into the city night with twelve other human travelers, plus the elf. None of them had any idea where the big tree was, and with no spoken agreement, they tippily followed the little betighted person. He took them as far as the ballpark where, maybe skittish about anti-pixie scufflings, he hailed a cab and left them, as their last gift of childhood, the bronze statue of the Say Hey Kid. Witness to evanescent joy.


Rob Ehle is a graphic designer living in San Francisco.


Micrograffiti is a project edited by Stacey Swann. The writers were asked to respond with fiction to Ben Walters’ photographs of the South London graffiti tunnel. Click here to read more >>


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