Loneliness | A Coloring Book by Daupo



Add a caption or a story to this image from Daupo’s Loneliness: A Coloring Book for Adults. To contribute to this project, leave a Comment on this Post with your idea or story. The artist will select great captions and stories for reposting later on the site.



  1. “I forgot most of the things I’ve learned”

  2. “When you get old, having money is more important than having hair. Trust me.”

  3. Use to have a wife, a fire, a life.
    Didn’t matter what the mirror said then.
    Now there’s nothing in here I can look in the face,
    including me. And the fireplace just laughs at me,
    hot or cold. She never even let me lie down
    with her in front of it. I guess it was always laughing.

  4. When the rest of the world disappeared, leaving only Frank and the mirror, he realized he was probably in hell. He quickly turned away but then realized his solution was temporary.

  5. I used to know what I wanted. Later, I thought I knew what I wanted, but it turned out I really wanted something else. Now I can’t remember what I wanted. I wonder what’s on television?

  6. If I can’t see the wrinkled and ravages then the wrinkles and ravages can’t see me.

  7. If I turn around will you still be there?

  8. I’ve devoted my life to my art. You wouldn’t believe the sacrifices I’ve made, the opportunities I’ve passed up. It’s all right there in the manuscript. Go ahead, take it home with you. No, really, it’s alright. I have other copies. Just take it. Take it.

  9. James had helped his daughter with everything. Bought her a car, bailed her out of jail. She still wouldn’t speak to him.

    Now he can watch her every week on the program “Jersey Shore.”

    “You need to douche your butthole Jawnny,” she says to her co-star. “Youse stink!”

  10. That’s it, we’re through.

  11. 30 years of driving a cab around NYC. All I have to show for it are the wrinkles on my face.

  12. well, alright.

  13. “My, what tiny feet you have,” the mirror told me.
    “You wish you had feet,” I told him back.

  14. Was it something I said? Or something I didn’t say?

  15. “Until and to, my youth elapsed and the vines in my eyes crept toward the mirror.”

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