Radiopictures | In Houston by JMT


Something definitive went wrong in Houston. The water in the hotel taps tasted like a vast swamp stewing with petroleum. The highways led nowhere – like Los Angeles without the glamour. The guy in the gas station let me hang around and wait for a cab that never arrived. “Is it nice here?” I asked. “Not really,” he said. “Where would you rather be?” I asked. “New Jersey,” he said.



  1. Ha! The ultimate recrimination… Beautiful photograph too.

  2. Apparently, I’m one of the few people on the planet with fond feelings about Houston. (Just yesterday someone told me about a “Keep Houston Ugly” bumper sticker they saw, a play off of “Keep Austin Weird.”) I should write a book–How to Love Houston: Grow Up in a Nearby Tiny/Crappy Town. Hmmm. Guess that would be a very short book.

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