Loneliness | A Coloring Book by Daupo



Add a caption or a story to this image from Daupo’s Loneliness: A Coloring Book for Adults. To contribute to this project, leave a Comment on this Post with your idea or story. The artist will select great captions and stories for reposting later on the site.



  1. Having a badge and a gun doesn’t make you immune from stepping in dogshit.



  2. ladies’ man

  3. My philosophy is to put the one foot in front of the other but with a twist. Always have a hand at the ready because you never know when some hooligan’s going to trip you up.

  4. Keep moving, that’s what’s important. Gotta keep moving. Put me in that damn box with the little black and white that doesn’t even work anymore now that they switched the damn signal, I’ll flip. Make me crazier than normal. Nothing ever happens here anyhow, ‘cept some squirrels and a kid or two looking to hop fence. I keep moving though, walk the boxes. Looking for a something that’s never there.

  5. The fishing hasn’t been very good of late.

  6. oooh this damn cellulite ..
    the horror,
    i tell ya.

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