The Superior Seminars | Director


The Superior Seminars | Meet our Director!

Fennald L. Parrish-Hand, Conference Director

Mr. Parrish-Hand previously worked in high finance.

FLPH Biography
Thrice nominated for the Pushcart Prize, Fennald L. Parrish-Hand (affectionately known as “FLPH”) hails from Greenhorn, Oregon. He holds degrees from Festin College (A.A., Bovine Therapy and Rehabilitation Science), ITC Online University Quarum (B.S., Automotive Diagnostics), and Manzie State-Gulliford Partial-Residency Writer’s Workshop (M.F.A in Poetry, expected spring 2011). He is the author of over 20 chapbooks, including Did You Say “Bus-Stop Man-Eaters”?! (Ice Wise Press, 2005); Clear Creek, Clear Mind (Zendogs Collective, 2005); Sappho at the Blue Note (Sidewalk Knights Press, 2006); Digging: Selected Poems 2003-2005 (Ice Wise Press, 2006); The Last Theory of the 9-Sided Square (Imaginary #s Books, 2006); and Cool Hand Look, selected by X.M. Ferring for the 2007 Race Car/Evil Star Chapbook Prize for best manuscript of formal poetry that combines figures from the cinema and anagrams. Parrish-Hand has been published in over 500 noted online literary journals and a dozen print magazines, including Skanky Can; The Wounded Tuna; [dr]unk [sk]unk review; small mindbenders online; Prize Poets Anthology IVXML; Tragically Greek; Go=Home; Rusted Fins; Small Mean Street; Fashion Police Academy; Northwest Zine Collective; San Francisco Valencia/Mission Beat; That’s Mine!; Over the Border Quarterly; Donkey Showtunes; Black Glasses; and XYZ Tri-Annual Poetry Festival Anthology among others. His first full-length collection, Long Haul Vortex, will be the inaugural book in Manzie State-Gulliford Press’s Mind Storm Series. His book was selected from over 1,000 entrants by the installation artist/memoirist PHAZE IV. Of Long Haul Vortex, PHAZE IV notes, “…[his poetry] is a sexy muscular firecracker in a dark landscape of mediocrity. There’s no word vomit here, just poems–poems so unpredictable that they could show up to your front door wearing a 10-dollar prom dress or a leather suit with a pink ball gag. This is an extraordinary, brave, punchy debut. Get ready for the jewel-encrusted word-whip.” He’s currently at work on a new chapbook manuscript called The 4. A.M Crash Test, Dummy, a sequence of linked and hyperlinked sestinas that take word entries from G.M.’s 1983 Crash Test Dummy Handbook and uses them as the end-words in the poems. He currently divides his time between Fresno and Walker City. He lives with his cats Charles Bukowski and Ariel.

Seminar Presentation by FLPH
Fennald L. Parrish-Hand will conduct the presentation Signed, Sealed, Deliverance: Negotiating the Cover Letter in the Minefield of the Chapbook Prize Landscape. Noted by Kenneth Lischly as the “Bruce Lee” of the chapbook world, Fennald L. Parrish-Hand will give you a hard-hitting assessment of your current project and potential as a visionary poet. Fennald L. Parrish-Hand will respect you by knocking down the walls of your preconceptions and misconceptions. You will be broken down then built back up as the word warrior that you have the potential to become. You should expect to leave with a ready-to-win poetry chapbook manuscript and a bullet-proof cover letter. The top 3 attendees of this seminar will leave with a letter of recommendation personally handwritten by Fennald L. Parrish-Hand on official letterhead.


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