The Superior Seminars | Guest Faculty


The Superior Seminars | Meet our Guest Faculty!

Special Presentation! Keynote Address by Mystery Guest!

Can you guess?

The Superior Seminars Mystery Guest Keynote Address is a special surprise featuring a world-renowned bestselling international celebrity superstar author. Think Dan Brown. Think Danielle Steele. Think. Only the topic is revealed in advance. The identity of the Mystery Guest is withheld from all participants until the very moment s/he descends from a specially-chartered helicopter to the surface of the lake-ice.

Keynote Address

“The Loudest Silence: Getting to 85 Pecent White Space in your Noncreative Fiction.”


Other Esteemed Guest Faculty Include:

Dr. Rigelle Youklisse

Rigelle's Valedictions

Dr. Rigelle Youklisse Biography
Dr. Rigelle Youlisse is a leading expert on Validictions, the study of how authors all too often succeed or fail based upon how each signs off on personal correspondence and cover letters. She can see Lake Superior from her house.

Presentation by Dr. Rigelle Youklisse
Moving Beyond The “Best”: Complimentary Closings and Valedictions in the 21st Century. After 2 drafts and 17 years, will your work end up in the galleys, or in the garbage? The valediction could make the difference! In this long distance course, learn to craft your closing based on your target market. A simple “cheers,” or “peace,” rakishly uncapitalized, may work well for the academic presses, but in this e-workshop we will critique all manner of sign offs and explore the most appropriate formulations when submitting to the big boys, the urban indies, the ethnic pubs, the British dandies, the abstruse experimentals, the douchey concepts, the hipster menchildren, the e-journals, the e-chaps, the e-blogs, the print-on-demands, and more!

Past students have gone on to produce such work as:

  • yours Etc,
  • Tanks,
  • the sparrow is in the nest,
  • Sincerply,
  • My chinchilla just threw up,
  • Live free or die,


Natasha Tschlochke, Guest Faculty

Natasha Tschlochke Biography
Natasha Tschlochke is the author of Trepanning with a Toothpick: A Memoir of Nail-Biting.

Presentation by Natasha Tschlochke
Ice Flows. Feeling stuck? Thaw your creative mind! In this class, students will melt pure organic lake ice until it boils, and then, in a series of guided collaborative exercises, pour it over each other’s heads. Expect to leave class with second degree burns and 50 pages of your first novel ready for agents!

Real Grizwald, Guest Faculty

Get Real!

Real Grizwald Biography

The Washington County Post calls Real Grizwald “…a writer…[whose gifts are boundless, and whose]…so-called flash memoirs ought to be considered…” The inventor of the flash memoir, Grizwald is the editor of The World’s Best Flash Memoirs and 80 Flash Memoirs that Can Change Your Life. He’s also the author of two collections of flash memoirs, Born, Raised, Lived ‘n’ Died and Light Years Away and Here to Stay, the Dubie Prize-nominated collection of 12 linked flash memoirs exploring loss, grief, place, spirituality, and sustainable urban farming. A Chancellor of the The Superior Seminars, Grizwald is hard at work editing Flash in the Pan: 67 Flash Memoirs for Tough Times.

Presentation by Real Grizwald
Each conference participant will have his or her life personally evaluated by Real Grizwald as a potential subject for a flash memoir, on a strictly thumbs-up or thumbs-down basis.


Harwood Fritz Merrill III, Core Faculty, Fiction

Harwood Fritz Merrill III Biography
Harwood Fritz Merrill III, the “bad boy of American Letters” (Harwood Fritz Merrill II), is a graduate of Harvard and the Iowa Writer’s Workshop. His breakthrough first novel-in-stories, Hola, a chronicle of his childhood in Newport Beach and the strained but ultimately fulfilling relationship he developed with his family’s cleaning staff, won the Pen/Faulker Award and was hailed in the New York Times as “…a tender and presumably accurate celebration of the Ecuadorian-American experience.” The sequel, Adios, a novel-in-novellas, was eight hundred pages long. Merrill, the third youngest member of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, currently teaches creative writing at the recently endowed Fritz Merrill Center for Creative Arts.

Presentation by Harwood Fritz Merrill III
Towards a Lesser Coherence: Crafting Your Novel-in-Stories. In this seminar, Harwood Fritz Merrill III reveals the secrets of modular fiction. Bring an open mind and a bag lunch.


Aurora Soleil-Lune, Core Faculty, Nonfiction

Aurora Soleil-Lune Biography
Aurora Soleil-Lune was born in a yurt on an Alaskan bay under the sacred glow of the northern lights; her first cries joined the continuous Om of bellowing moose and distant whale-song. Since then, she has been at the forefront of the holistic creative community as an herbalist, educator, yogini, performer, artist, writer, activist, healer, poet, guru, raw-foodist, storyteller, acupuncturist, masseuse, puppeteer, DJ, and erotic coach.

Presentation by Aurora Soleil-Lune
You Are the Portal: Finding Your Opening and Unleashing Your Sacred Waters of Inspiration. You sit down to write and the words don’t come. You lift your gaze to the sky and think, How do I ascend to a place of divine inspiration? Where is the portal? Aurora Soleil-Lune’s PortalDance™ is a sensual union of visualization, courageous communication, erotic ritual and acrobatics that will help you find the opening to the Creative Portal and send you flying into the Realm of Inspiration. You will learn techniques to open the Portal, whenever and wherever you want to, alone or with a partner. By invoking archetypal energies and calling out to the power animals of the icy tundra, you will break through the frozen surface of writer’s block and bathe in the waters of self-expression. At the end of this exhilarating session, you will chisel and then dive through a hole in the ice to embody a leap through your portal into the ecstatic dimensions of creativity. Paramedics will be on hand to provide treatment for hypothermia. Please bring your own ice auger. Namaste!


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