The Superior Seminars


The world’s warmest writers gather on earth’s largest freshwater lake this winter – Join us for The Superior Seminars!

We are delighted to announce The Superior Seminars, a retreat, residency, and conference. Become part of the exciting world of the literary arts, study with nationally-recognized faculty, and shape up your life at the world’s first – and only – literary festival held on a frozen lake.

You’ve tried all the writers’ conferences: Tin House, Bread Loaf, Sewanee. You’ve traveled thousands of miles to attend The St. Petersburg Seminars. You’re still blocked. But have you ever tried writing fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction while living in a portable igloo-like cabin in the middle of an icy lake in the dead of winter?

That’s impossible, you say. NOT ANY MORE. It’s time to end the excuses and procrastination. Finish your book. There is nothing else to do here.

Did you know? Lake Superior was also called “Lac Tracy” by 17th Century Jesuit Missionaries.

The Superior Seminars – A Philosophy of Deprivation.

Imagine yourself surrounded by crackling fields of ice in every direction. No trees. No mountains. Not even small birds disturb the scene. No big screen for the game. No email, no Facebook. No cell phone reception. No loved ones. Nothing. Only the distant spires of Duluth-Superior hint at the remote possibility of human contact. Now, imagine all this, except this time picture yourself and a small circle of dedicated writers only steps away from the neighboring shelter of an award-winning poet, novelist, or film critic. Visualize your feelings as your isolation turns into a shared spirit of absolute deprivation. You share a hot cup of cocoa while discussing the films of Cassavetes. You snow-shoe while pointing out a simple error of topography in the street names of the English translation of Sebald’s Austerlitz. You relive a childhood trauma while ice-fishing. Suddenly, you’re inspired. You make your apologies for a hasty exit and return to your writing energized. That’s the Superior Seminars Philosophy – You Will Write, But Only If There Is Nothing Else to Do.

Did you know? Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area, not volume.

The Superior Seminars’ Innovative Structure – One City, One Genre.

Choose your genre, choose your community. Superior is designated our Prose Metropolis, Duluth our City of Poets. Your Primary Personal Igloo-Like Shelter (PPILS) will be located in your community of choice. All PPILS’s are guaranteed to be on the lake but within view of a downtown area. City field trips are available at an additional cost.

Additionally, Guest Igloo-Like Shelters (GILS) are available for advance reservation in each location for those interested in exploring a secondary genre. Our micro-communities are interconnected by a web of skiing and snowmobile trails, with clusters of shelters centered near the lake’s main urban centers.

Travel time between communities can be lengthy depending on the lake’s annual ice-coverage, so be sure to bring emergency supplies. Don’t forget your mittens. Note: The Superior Seminars cannot be held legally liable in the case of death by exposure.

Did you know? The first person ever recorded reaching the bottommost point in Lake Superior was J. Vale Klump, in 1985.

The Superior Seminars – Award-Winning Faculty.

Study with Conference Director Fennald L. Parrish-Hand, who has been called the “Bruce Lee of the contemporary poetry chapbook,” and has been thrice nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Other faculty will include installation artist/memoirist PHAZE IV, listed on “25 Under 25: Twitter’s Fastest-Typing Young Memoirists.” Keynote address by a multi-million-dollar bestselling celebrity author Mystery Guest.*

The Superior Seminars Trophy – A New Tradition of Excellence.

Each and every person who attends The Superior Seminars is a winner. That’s why all writers who attend the conference are guaranteed** to be published using our innovative e-books interface, SuperiorBucks. Your work will appear on Amazon, Google, and will be back-listed on the classic AltaVista search engine.

Additionally, on completion of the conference you will be presented with a trophy personalized with your name, sub-genre, and a contemplative quotation from the Twitter feed of faculty memoirist PHAZE IV.

*A celebrity Mystery Guest has been invited to give our keynote address, but with today’s uncertain world, in the event that s/he is unable to attend, Conference Director Fennald L. Parrish-Hand will provide an inspirational lecture that reprises his conference seminar, “Signed, Sealed, Deliverance: Negotiating the Cover Letter in the Minefield of the Chapbook Prize Landscape.”

**SuperiorBucks is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Superior Seminars. Copyright of all works published herein shall reside with SuperiorBucks LLC, Inc., with standard contract and royalties amounting to .05% of any net profits. By signing the conference application, you are transferring ownership of all creative work produced on site.


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