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The Superior Seminars | Core Faculty


The Superior Seminars | Meet our Core Faculty!

PHAZE IV, Core Faculty, Digital Literature


PHAZE IV Biography
Called “one of the fastest typists on Twitter today” by, PHAZE IV has been named as one of Twitter’s “25 Twitterlit Memoirists Under 25” on’s coveted Twitterlit Awards 2010 for “literature produced exclusively on proprietary microblogging technologies.” PHAZE IV has pioneered numerous new fields of online and digital literature, most notably the “real time memoir,” which blurs the line between the “past” and the “present” in the production of up-to-the-minute documentation of real life “as it happens.” PHAZE IV, who identifies as post-human, is also a leader in the so-called “Sixth Genre,” which seeks out new territory beyond “the confines of digital literature.”

Presentation by PHAZE IV
PHAZE IV will be live-tweeting the entirety of the proceedings of The Superior Seminars from his patented PHAZEPHOURESSENCE (TM) Balloon Tent via Satellite link-up. Please do not disturb PHAZE IV during “writing hours,” 12pm – 6pm; once “flow” is interrupted PHAZE IV cannot concentrate. You may not use PHAZE IV’s satellite link to access the internet without PHAZE IV’s explicit permission. Solitary visitors are welcome into the Balloon Tent during “visiting hours,” from 11pm to midnight, Mondays and Tuesdays only.


Adamal Zeal, Core Faculty, Poetry

Adamal Zeal Biography

Adamal Zeal is widely regarded as America’s leading villanellist. His first book, 53 Villanelles, was awarded the American Villanelle Society’s 2002 AVS First Book Award. His second and third books, 73 Villanelles and More Villanelles, Please!, were notable books of 2005 and 2008 on the Home Page. Adamal Zeal currently teaches as an Adjunct Lecturer at Propinquity City College, North Dakota.

Presentation by Adamal Zeal, in Villanelle form:

Learn to harness the power of the villanelle!

Embrace rhyme, repetition and variation

and your poems will impress folks without fail.

Master the villanelle and gain the special

ability to move people that statesmen and corporations

yearn to harness. The power of the villanelle

lies in writing flexible refrains and avoiding stale

rhymes. You’ll learn the ones you may want to shun

and your poems will impress folks. Without fail,

with the villanelle, you’ll write poems none will heckle—

poems for her birthday, their wedding, your resignation;

learn to harness the power. Of the villanelle

some speak poorly, and against it a few even rail,

but finesse your refrains with deft manipulation

and your poems will impress. Folks without fail

find reading a well-crafted villanelle to be a thrill.

With this workshop your poems will receive ovations.

Learn to harness the power of the villanelle

and your poems will impress folks without fail.