About The Owls

The Owls site, which closed in 2012, was designed for creative web projects. The projects were editorially independent and appeared according to the whims of various writers, artists, editors, and curators.

Projects By

Daupo (Queens)
Loneliness: A Coloring Book

Jim Gavin (L.A.)
Blooms + Baskets

Ad Hamilton (Charlotte)
Single Servings

Joy J. Henry (West Coast)
Mountain Goats

Sean Hill (Poetry Editor, Bemidji)
Natural Histories

Michael McGriff (Portland)
The Sorrow Gondola

Morgan Meis (NYC)
Doodlings from Antwerp, JETS

Alicia Jo Rabins (NYC) & Gabrielle Calvocoressi (L.A.)
Days of Awe

Frederich Schroeder (L.A.)
Night Drive

Stacey Swann (Project Editor, Austin)
Micrograffiti & also some Journeys

JMT (Outside of London)

Ben Walters (London)
Graffiti Tunnel

Masthead Artist: Daupo


Project List

A Natural History of My ____________ : The Body as Metaphor, Edited by Sean Hill.
Stamps: Writing about places.
Single Servings: Fiction via Blackberry by Ad Hamilton.
Blooms + Baskets: Twice annual celebration by Jim Gavin.
Night Drive: Photographs via Flickr by Frederick Schroeder.
Graffiti Tunnel: Images via Flickr by Ben Walters.
Loneliness: A Coloring book for adults by Daupo.
The Olives of Oblivion: Notes on poetry.
Journeys: Text + images.
N.B.: Criticism, open letters, sundries, etc.
Doodlings from Antwerp: Reflections via Antwerp by Morgan Meis.
Micrograffiti: Stories about tags, edited by Stacey Swann.
JETS: A chronicle of a football season by Morgan Meis.
Radiopictures: Images & Stories by JMT.
Mountain Goats: Music-inspired stories by Joy J. Henry.

The Superior Seminars

The posts contain writing and ideas by JMT, MM, MH, JG, SS, BB, SH, and CT. The Seminars are, you know, not…real.